Sydney Parking Solutions provides a 12 month warranty on all our products.
This warranty is provided on all electronic and moveable parts of our products that don’t function as per the product’s set out capabilities.

DAMAGE or VANDALISM doesn’t constitute a warranty claim.

If there are any warranty claims, these must be placed as soon as the problem arises and all efforts will be pursued by Sydney Parking Solutions to rectify the problem. If the problem can’t be rectified a full replacement will be provided.
The Smart Phone Parking Lock app is not owned or run by Sydney Parking Solutions. Any issues that arise with the app need to be forwarded to the app creator of which a help page will be provided upon purchase of the lock.
All Warranty issues can be logged at info@sydneyparkingsolutions.com.au

If you are looking to upgrade your car parking space or premises we have a range or parking solutions exlcusive to Sydney Parking Solutions to enhance the security & safety of your car park. Please review the products below and give us a call or fill out the form below to express any interest in the solutions available.

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