Smart Phone Automatic Parking Lock


Our Smart Phone Automatic Parking Bollard allows you to protect and access your parking space by using your Smart Phone.

  • Supplied in Australian standard safety yellow
  • Secure your parking space with the press of a button
  • Share  with unlimited users
  • Simple to install – full installation and user guide provided
  • User friendly smart phone application
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Smart Phone Automatic Parking Bollard | Bluetooth Operated

A user-friendly parking lock that is Bluetooth activated. It allows you to protect and access your parking space by controlling the bollard through a smart phone application. Upon entering your parking space simply lower your parking bollard via your smart phone and it will lay flat, allowing you to enter your parking space with ease.

Upon exiting your space, simply use the app to raise the bollard so the parking space is protected against unauthorised use.

This particular style of bollard can be complimented with a Automatic Car USB Fob. This will allow the user to not even have to use the app to open and close the bollard. The Fob will make this process automatic. The bollard will open automatically as car approaches and close after 20 seconds when the car exits the space.

Share with other users

The Smart Phone Automatic Parking Bollard also allows you to share the lock with other users. Simply enter the phone number of a potential user and this will allow them to control the lock with their smart phone. This is a perfect solution for visitor carparking and also businesses wanting to allow parking access to customers and clients.


  • 400 mm tall when upright and 80mm when lowered;  410 mm wide x 380 mm deep
  • 6.5 kg
  • Made of heavy-duty steel and cast iron, our smart phone parking bollard is exceptionally strong, reliable and complies with industry standards

The bollard is powered by four D size batteries. On average each battery will last about 700 uses, or the equivalent of about 12 months continuous use. Your Smart Phone Automatic Parking Bollard will be supplied with a 12 month warranty.


If you require installation of your Smart Phone Automatic Bollard , Sydney Parking Solutions is offering installation and supply.

We also offer nationwide shipping. Contact us for a quote today.

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