Post-COVID 19 Mobility Set to Boost Car Park Stocks

    The Future of Post-Covid Mobility is Set to Boost Car Park Stocks

    As the Covid-19 pandemic scare continues to affect commuters, mobility trends start to change around the metro. Unlike the end of previous lockdowns, Australians will have to adapt to the new normal.

    People will return to their offices and worksites upon the lifting of lockdown restrictions. However, they might prefer a different mode of transportation.

    According to recent studies, public transport has plummeted 80% since the pandemic hit last year. Even when Sydney and Melbourne weren’t in lockdown, numbers were still down 24.7% on a nationwide average.

    With these figures, recovery for public transport could take longer.

    Is this the best time to invest?

    Based on a survey of 3,000 Australians, 22% intend to lessen their use of public transport after the issued lockdowns. Moreover, almost one in ten individuals living in metropolitan areas plan to drive to work post-pandemic daily.

    Mark Avery, the founder of electric vehicle start-up Bell Resources, said in an interview, “People do not feel safe without a pandemic plan in place.”

    “Instead, what we have seen is the rise of electric vehicle sales in Australia with almost 9000 already sold this year and expected to hit 25,000 plus by next year as more and more Australians turn to private vehicle use during the pandemic and make the switch to a zero-emissions future,” he added.

    Stocks to Gain from Post-COVID 19 Mobility Trends

    Car dealerships Eagers Automotive (APE), Autosports Group (ASG), and Peter Warren Automotive (PWR) are assumed to benefit from post-pandemic changes as the demand for used cars continues to rise.

    Another stock with an upward forecast is Smart Parking (SPZ), known for its smart parking technology and other parking solutions. The company manages 720 car parks for their clients including, The City of Westminster, Cardiff Council, and the London Underground.

    The parking tech specialist’s recent full-year outcome shows a revenue drop of 4% to $20.7 million, but adjusted underlying earnings coming in at $2.2 million compared with a $900,000 earlier loss.

    Smart Parking shares have gained 32% in the past six months and 125% in the previous year, securing the company’s worth at around $80 million.

    SenSen Networks (SNS) is also a known player in the car parking sector. The company reported a 47% increase in revenue to $5.5 million in the year to June 30, with the reported loss recovering from a previous $3.7 million deficit to $2.97 million.

    Despite the 44% boost in shares, SenSen Networks (SNS) is still 23% short of their listing price in October 2017.

    The aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic could also benefit car park builders such as Parkd (PKD).

    Increased Competition in the Car Parks Industry

    Due to a sudden boost in demand for the car park management sector, companies continue to upgrade and improve their services to be ahead of their competitors.

    Parking tech enterprises came up with solutions to improve the quality of car parks, whether residential or commercial. One of the best solutions available in the market includes a Gateway Network Parking System, which allows consumers to secure and access multiple parking spaces remotely via computer or mobile phone.

    An automatic parking lock is also a great addition to any parking space. This tool comes with different options and customization designed to fit your requirements.

    One of the leading providers of parking technology is Sydney Parking Solutions. The company offers a wide variety of tech and hardware to prevent theft and unauthorized use of parking spaces.

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