How Modern Technology Boosted Parking Solutions

    As vehicle production grows over the years, demand for parking space also continues to increase. Furthermore, smart parking solutions are being integrated into residential and commercial car parks.

    Innovation in car parking consists of a variety of tools devised to help vehicle owners locate parking spaces, navigate car parks using smooth payment systems and keep drivers informed using digital signage. This upgrade saves drivers a considerable amount of time.

    Smartphone Integration into Parking Systems 

    Due to the latest adoption of new technologies in parking facilities across the country, software developers and car park businesses have united to integrate smartphone technology into parking systems. Here are some of the improvements to modern parking spaces.

     Contactless Payment

    There are several applications released in the market which allow drivers to pay the parking fee using their smartphones. These apps have been applied to parking spaces to lessen the risk of spreading the Covid0-19 virus among customers. 

    Another feature to these cashless payment systems is that it deducts costs from a payment. This will benefit people who regularly use car parks which charge per stay, cashless payment systems automatically debit the exact amount without the user having to do anything. 

    Parking Space Security

    Security is still the top priority when it comes to parking solutions. Parking facilities use several tools to protect vehicles, one of which is a parking bollard. A parking bollard is installed to prevent unauthorized use of parking space. There are several types of parking bollards to choose from, and some of them are even automated.

    Smartphone parking bollards are slowly gaining popularity for their convenience. Users can access their parking spaces using an app on their smartphones. It also allows access sharing for relatives, friends, and visitors.

    Sydney Parking Solutions offers a wide range of durable parking bollards in Australia.

    A smartphone automatic parking lock is another upgrade for car park security. This device also uses an app that connects to the lock via Bluetooth connection.

    Car Park Management 

    Regulated access and centralized control are easy to achieve with this generation’s technology. A gateway network parking system that allows users to secure and access multiple parking spaces using a computer or smartphone can transform any car park in the country.

    This gateway application creates a connection to the locks using a router in the car park. The users can control the movement of the parking bollards, which are perfect for establishments that intend to ease access for their visitors or customers.

    The current advancement in technology is certainly taking the car parking management sector to the next level and we can expect more innovations in the future.

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