We receive questions each week on a few product details that can be best explained below.
If you have a question we haven’t answered please feel free to contact us so we can get back to you with your enquiry.

Smart Phone Bollards: Warranty covers the motor of the bollard

Remote Control Automatic Bollards: Warranty covers the motor of the bollard.

Manual Fold Down Bollards: Warranty covers the key lock function.

Warranty does not cover accidental damage to the bollard, or vandalism, caused by vehicles or people.

Absolutely yes. Both the manual fold down parking bollards and automatic parking locks are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Your automatic parking barrier is also waterproof, so getting it wet is not a problem.

The keys /remote controls to your bollards are your responsibility. We do not keep spares.

Remote Control Bollards: Additional remote controls are available for purchase and can be programmed to your bollard.

Manual Fold Down Bollards: Replacement keys are not available. As the bollards have a built-in key lock, the lock cannot be changed. If you lose your keys you would need to contact a locksmith or replace your bollard.

Yes. We are able to program multiple remotes to the one bollard, which is especially helpful for those who share car spots. We are also able to cut extra keys for an additional charge.
Depending on usage, the battery pack for the parking bollard should last approximately 10-12 weeks before needing to be recharged. We recommend a supervised charge every 10 weeks for 6-8 hours. Do not exceed 8 hours of charging time.
No. Each bollard has it’s own frequency and your remotes are programmed separately to the frequency of your own bollard.
Yes you can. Please note the warranty will not apply.
Its very simple to do – just drill three holes into your level concrete parking floor and fit your parking barrier to the ground with the three expansion bolts supplied. If you need help with installation, please contact us and we can assist with installation.
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