Challenges In Managing Workplace Parking Lots

    Corporate parking lots introduce some unique challenges to parking management. These types of car parks are always busy as visitors enter and exit throughout the day. There is also the need to implement proper security measures for vehicle owners.

    Technological innovations and user behavior have stimulated the development of certain trends in the car park industry. According to the International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI), the key improvements among them are the use of mobile technology, implementation of parking systems, and enhanced access control.

    What Are the Major Concerns in Corporate Parking Lots?

    Every year several buildings are built for businesses, which leads to the rapid increase of demand for parking lots to cater to employees and visitors. The situation inevitably calls for improved parking lot management solutions that can take care of car security concerns and make parking bays efficient.

    Vehicle Theft

    The risk of a vehicle being stolen within the parking lot raises concerns among drivers. According to reports, around 141 cars were stolen across the country on an average day. 

    Unauthorized Use

    Finding another vehicle parked in your parking space can be very annoying, especially in the workplace. This situation can cost you valuable time as you will have to search for a different parking spot. 

    Sydney Parking Solutions offer the best solutions to this nuance. Here are some devices that you install and their functions:

    • Automatic Remote Control Parking Bollard – allows you to secure your parking space through a remote. It allows you to enter and exit the parking bay without having to step out of your vehicle.
    • Smartphone Parking Bollard – can be easily controlled via a smartphone app and enables you to share access for lock sharing.
    • Smartphone Automatic Parking Lock – allows you to control the parking barrier through a smartphone app that connects to the lock via Bluetooth.
    • Surface Mount Removable Bollard – made out of durable steel and comes with four Dyna bolts for easy installation.
    • Manual Folding Bollard – allows you to secure your parking space or other areas. 

    Parking Bay Access Management

    Parking allocation has become a major problem in corporate parking lots for which numerous smart parking systems have been developed.

    A Gateway Network Parking System enables business establishments to protect and access multiple parking spaces by controlling parking bollards through a desktop computers, laptops or smartphone.

    This car parking system comes with an application that connects to the locks via a router that is set up in the parking area. Car bollards can be lowered or raised with the click of a button.

    For corporate establishments, intercom systems can be used to grant visitors instant access to the parking bays.

    For more convenient parking solutions visit Discover different devices and technology that will help you secure your parking space. 

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