Best Car Parking Solution For Any situation

    There are several different scenarios wherein parking bollards installation becomes useful. Different types of car bollards were designed to prevent any complications that may occur in our daily parking.

    What are the common issues that we encounter in the parking lot?

    Unauthorized Use of Parking Space

    More often than not we come across people who think they can park wherever and whenever they can. Strangers would suddenly decide to park outside residential buildings, commercial parking lots, and basically any unoccupied space they locate. 

    These incidents may be a huge burden for those people who really value their time, as they will have to spend a few more minutes in finding a parking space. For situations like these, it is best to install durable and easy-to-use automatic parking bollards. 

    Automatic parking bollards give users security from unauthorized parking without exerting too much effort. Vehicle owners can take advantage of the technology integrated with this type of car security bollard, as they come in two foolproof variants. 

    First, the automatic remote control parking bollard which you can lift and lower using a remote. This device is very versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential apartment buildings, commercial offices,  visitor parking, schools, and industrial sites.

    The second one is the smartphone parking bollard. This type of automatic parking bollard uses an application that you can install on your smartphone to easily access and control the parking barrier. The application connects to the lock via Bluetooth allowing users to lower the bollard upon entry and raise it upon exit.

    One of the most convenient features of this type of car park bollard is that you can share the lock with other users by simply entering their phone number. 

    Cluttered Parking Lot

    Having chaotic parking bay access is a great disadvantage to those who manage parking lots. It can result in income loss. The best  parking solution to this problem is a Gateway Network Parking System that allows you to secure and access multiple parking spaces via computer or mobile phone. 

    The Gateway application connects to the locks through a router that is set up in the parking area. This system allows users to control the bollards with the click of a button. It is perfect for hotels, resort establishments, and businesses that have limited parking for actual customers and visiting clients. 

    Whether you are looking to install a parking bollard for residential or commercial use, it is very important to know its function and purpose. There are several parking solutions available in the market and it can be difficult to choose which one fits your needs. To learn more about the best parking solutions in the country visit

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